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 BioRem 2000
 Acid Eater
 Oil Vanisher Flush Guarde Bilge Cleaner Fuel Eliminator Halex Adhesive Rmvr Meth Lab Septic Buster Dust Control Oil X Pond Conditioner
 Algae Eater

Food Service
Sanitizer & Cleaners

 Beyond Green
 FOG Elimination San-A-Safe
 Grease Buster Grill Hood Oven
 Drain Buster Bright Grout
 Grease Trap
 Odor Buster
 Carpet Stain
 Graffiti Buster
 Total Surface
 Fresh Wash Mattress Cleaner



DT Distribution offers a full line of all natural cleaning supplies for industrial, commercial, food service and home applications. Powerful products to get the job done effectively and efficiently while maintaining a ECO-friendly environment.  Our products consist of natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones and free of petroleum distillates and phosphates, which can harm aquatic ecosystems.

BioRem-2000 - Click Here for More Info.

Turn Oil into Water - break the hydrocarbon chains with an all natural liquid leaving a safe disposable by-product. Effective on hard surfaces, concrete, soils, water treatment facilities. We also offer solutions for most waste water management including, Sludge, FOG, H2S,  Heavy metals, Odors, Lift Station cleaners etc. .......More Info

Kill Germs, Bacteria, Virals, Fungi and Molds with an all natural EPA APPROVED (CalEPA included) sanitizer. Kitchens,/Food Service Areas, Restrooms/Showers/ Locker Rooms. This product does not contain; alcohol, bleach, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, metals or any other harmful mixtures. 99.9%  60 second kill rate........More Info

Acid Eater - Click Here for More Info.

Neutralize Acid, Spill Cleaners and Maintenance – Acid Neutralizers, Degreasers and Spill Kit Products.  Turn acids into harmless natural salts. Batteries & Stands, Charging Equipment, Forklift Compartments, Concrete Floors, Battery Drip Trays etc. Other effective products for: HF (Hydrofluoric Acid), Caustics, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Mercury, Halex and others..More Info

Turn Fats, Oils & Grease into water (FOG Elimination Program) – Digests FOG and food waste into carbon dioxide and water. Mopping, Floor Scrubbing, Spray-N-Wipe. Unlike degreasers, which only emulsify and re-deposit FOG, our product digests it completely.

Reduce Pumping & Clean Grease Traps – A blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals reduces grease trap pumping to once a year or more! Reduces flies by eliminating rancid Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). Removes waste from pipes and tanks.

Eliminate Slow Drains & Future Clogs – using microbes that foam and dissolve clogs caused by fats, oils, greases, soap, hair, paper and food waste. Reduces pest infestation. Floor, Sink and Dishwasher drains. Bio-based, all natural and bio-degradable. Will not harm pipes, fittings, traps etc.


Clean Grout Tile and Carpet – Microbe  powered products that are non-acidic and remove grease, oil, hard water stains, mildew, lime deposits and malodors caused by urine, vomit smoke and more. All natural, bio-degradable. Will not damage materials of equipment. Leaves no residue.

Odors – Indoor products and outdoor products – A blend of botanical extracts destroy odors using Floratec and Phytology technologies.  Our products do not ‘mask’ odors. Our products neutralize and eliminate the toughest odors.



Graffiti Removal – Painted and Unpainted surface products. Bio –based and bio-degradable, all natural ingredients. Replaces petrochemical, soy and citrus-based products.

General Surface and Window Cleaner  -  A fantastic multi purpose cleaner. Removes a variety of soils from any water-safe surface. Anti-static formula repels soil to reduce cleaning frequency. No fragrance, no dyes added, neutral pH, no VOC’s. Bio-based, all natural and bio-degradable!



Clean the toughest Hoods, Grills and Ovens  -  Most cleaners are designed to work by liquefying baked-on deposits, so they can be rinsed or wiped away. These methods usually require several applications. Our formulation was designed to penetrate the deposit and actually break down the chemical bond and digest the FOG-based ingredients. The result is fast and easy removal of stubborn fats, oils, greases and baked-on food deposits.

Remove and prevent calcium, lime, rust, uric acid and scale  -  a 100% all natural product that eliminates and prevents build-up. By using on a regular basis, lines will have 95-100% less clogs and blockages. Quick and easy! All-natural, bio-based and biodegradable.




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