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Acid Eater Product Catalog

Acid EaterProduct Catalog
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Acid Eater


  • Neutralizes, degreases and cleans motive power batteries.
  • Eliminates trickle discharges to ensure optimum performance.
  • Extends the life of the battery and material handling equipment.
  • Neutralizes and cleans concrete floors in battery rooms.
  • Minimizes safety risks by eliminating acid burns and shock.
  • Use on rollers, stands, forklifts, under battery racks and floors.
  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive and environmentally safe.
  • pH color indicators alert users of acidic corrosion.
  • Easy to apply and safe to use on metal, plastic and rubber.
  • Complies with OSHA Regulation 1917.157(g).


Fig. 1 ~ 4 Acid Removal Procedure

Fig. 1   An example of a poorly maintained battery. This battery will require more charge time and, as a result, less work time.

Fig. 2  Liberally spray Acid Eater™ Neutralizer & Degreaser directly on the battery, including the cell connectors, cables and casing. It will change colors when in the presence of acid alerting the user to acidic corrosion and will change back to the original color once the acid is neutralized.

Fig. 3  The battery may be rinsed with water and wiped clean with a cloth or allowed to air dry.

Fig. 4  Properly maintaining this battery with Acid Eater™ Neutralizer & Degreaser will ensure optimum performance, extend the life of the battery and eliminate safety concerns.


Battery Charging Area




Removes Corrosive Acid
  • Battery Stands
  • Battery Rollers
  • Changing Equipment
  • Forklift Compartments
  • Concrete Floors
  • Battery Drip-Trays

Acid Eater Quik Response Acid Spill Kit

Acid Eater Quik Response Acid Spill KitFEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • Consistent and safe method of handling hazardous spills.

  • Contains, absorbs and neutralizes acid and acidic spills.

  • Contains all necessary personal protection equipment andmaterial to safely neutralize and dispose of acid spills.

  • A convenient, cost-effective method of complying with

  • OSHA Regulation1910.178(g). Facilities must havemeans to neutralize spilled acid.

  • Fast, easy to use and land-fill disposable.

  • Multi-colored spill kit for quick and easy recognition.

2-gal. Acid EaterTM Absorber & Neutralizer 2 Chemical Goggles
8 oz. Acid EaterTM  Neutralizer & Degreaser Dust Pan/Whisk Broom
2 Acid Resistant Aprons 20 Feet of Barrier Tape
2 Pairs PVC Gloves

2 Disposal Bags

2 Pairs Boot Covers MSDS/Instructions

Acid Eater Absorber & Neutralizer


  • Contains, absorbs and neutralizes hazardous acid spills in a safe and cost-effective manner.

  • Pellet formula absorbs more and requires less clean up.

  • Safe, fast-acting and easy to use.

  • Neutralizes a variety of acids and acidic products.

  • Does not create hazardous dust clouds or leave residues like caustic soda and sodium biocarb.

  • Complies with OSHA Regulation 1910.178(g). Facilities must have means to neutralize spilled acid.

  • USDA-approved; safe to use in a variety of settings.

  • Eliminates disposal costs and safety concerns because it is land-fill disposable.

  • Biodegradable, environmentally safe and non-hazardous.

How to Clean a Acid Spill using Acid Eater

  1. Wear and use all personal safety equipment at all times during and after spill clean-up.
  2. Pour a dike or barrier around the edges of the spill to contain it.
  3. Slowly pour from the outside of the spill inward.
  4. The spill will be neutralized in less than five minutes.
  5. The spill will be transformed into a solid mass. 6. Dispose of properly according to local regulations.

Acid Eater Battery Station Cleaning Kit

  • Kit contains everything needed to clean forklift batteries.

  • Neutralizes and cleans batteries, stands, rollers, forklift battery compartments and concrete floors.

  • Extends the life of batteries and material handling equipment.

  • Eliminates trickle discharge.

  • pH color indicators alert users of acidic corrosion.

  • Easy to apply and safe to use.

  • Complies with OSHA Regulation 1917.157(g).

  • Durable kit can withstand any environment.


Acid Eater Battery Station Cleaning Kit

 2-1 gal. Acid Eater TM Neutralizer & Degreaser
 2 Pair PVC Gloves  2 Pair Goggles
 2 Aprons  1 Utility Brush
 Wiping Cloths  MSDS/Instructions

Acid Eater Neutralizing Conditioner


  • Concentrated formula designed for battery wash systems.

  • Extends the life of battery wash water.

  • Minimizes corrosion damage to equipment.

  • A few ounces will neutralize gallons of acidified water.

  • Water-based product does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

  • Will not clog filter systems or create sludge problems.

Item Number Product Description Product Size Unit Weight
1002-016 Acid EaterTM Neutralizer & Degreaser 12-32 oz. 32 lbs.
1002-002 Acid EaterTM Neutralizer & Degreaser 5 gal. 45 lbs.
1002-015 Acid EaterTM Neutralizer & Degreaser 15 gal. 145 lbs.
1001-001 Acid EaterTM Neutralizer & Degreaser 55 gal. 540 lbs.
1006-001 Acid EaterTM Quik Response Spill Kit 5 gal. 20 lbs.
1001-004 Acid EaterTM Absorber & Neutralizer 5 Gal. 30 lbs.
1002-007 Acid EaterTM Absorber & Neutralizer 55 Gal. 380 lbs.
1003-005 Acid EaterTM Battery Station Cleaning Kit 5 gal. 25 lbs.



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